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      Sample Collection

      Assure Product Consistency

      Before and In Procurement

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      Not sure about the supplier’s product?
      OKCHEM helps you collect samples for evaluation, testing and approval!

      Sample Collection

      Reduce Potential Risks

      Whether you need a factory sample or the production sample, the sample collection service will help you check the product consistency and reduce potential risks.

      Sample Collection

      Time-Saving, Trouble-Free

      With decades of experience in the chemical industry, OKCHEM can handle various samples, especially the hazardous ones, and help you collect different samples from different suppliers and deliver them in one time.

      Sample Collection
      Sample Collection

      Competitive Price

      OKCHEM has cooperated with many international logistic companies, and can deliver the sample at a more competitive price.

      Sample Collection Sample Collection
      Sample CollectionWhat Do We Do?
      • Get Different Samples From Different Factories
      • Trace Delivery
      • Arrange Delivery to Customer
      • Help With the Customs Clearance (if necessary)
      Sample Collection

      How Does It Work?

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      $100/no more than 1kg